School and Education Public Information.

With a passion to promote education and over 25 years in public education and 16 years as a Public Information Officer, Christy Willman has the skills and experience to serve your educational institution in all of your public relations needs.

Public Relations is all about communicating a message...a message about your school and what it does well, a message about your students and their achievements. 

Christy Willman delivers public relations specifically for schools, telling your community and the world about all the positive things that go on in your school.

But good Public Relations isn't just about positive news. Christy also knows how to react in a crisis, handling the media, and advising schools on damage control and limitation. Making sure your school knows how to safeguard its reputation is a key part of what she can do for your school.

With Christy you will always get:

  • Personalized service
  • High-quality work, always
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong network of strategic partners
  • Deep knowledge of educational programs and issues